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State Museum Perspectives

June 30, 2020

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State Museum Perspectives

Meet staff curators, educators, designers, and community partners in these video chats with Director Beth Hager about exhibits, collections, behind-the-scenes, and their favorite things at The State Museum of Pennsylvania.

The Dugout Canoe

A popular selfie stop at The Pennsylvania Farm Show, The State Museum’s replica dugout canoe is based on an actual ‘800 year old artifact preserved by the museum.

2020 Art of the State Exhibition

State Museum Director Beth Hager provides a programming update and talks with curators Amy Hammond and Carol Buck about the 2020 Art of the State exhibition.

The Pennsylvania Turnpike

Senior Curator of History Dr. Curt Miner and State Museum Director Beth Hager talk about our PA Turnpike exhibit in anticipation of the turnpike’s 80th birthday on Thursday, October 1.


Renovation of Mammal Hall

Dr. Walter Meshaka, senior curator, Zoology and Botany at The State Museum, discusses the renovation of Mammal Hall.


Women’s Suffrage in Pennsylvania 

Senior Curator of History Dr. Curt Miner details the story of the struggle for women’s suffrage in Pennsylvania leading to the ratification of the 19th Amendment – ratified a hundred years ago this month.

Pennsylvania Icons

State Museum Perspectives takes a look at the “Pennsylvania Icons” exhibit in a chat featuring the museum’s program director Brad Smith, who curated the exhibit, and Beth Hager, State Museum Director.


Picturing a More Perfect Union: Violet Oakley

Interview with Fine Arts Curator Amy Hammond exploring temporary exhibit Picturing a More Perfect Union: Violet Oakley’s Mural Studies for the Pennsylvania State Senate Chamber


Pennsylvania Scholastic Arts

Museum Director Beth Hager talks with Commonwealth Charter Academy’s Brock Shelley, Director of the annual South Central Pennsylvania Scholastic Art & Writing Awards annual exhibit.


Pennsylvania Game Changers

State Museum Director Beth Hager interviews PHMC Executive Director Andrea Lowery about the special exhibit “Game Changers: Pennsylvania Women Who Made History.”