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An Image of Peace: The William Penn Treaty

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Celebrating an Image of Peace
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When Philadelphia hosted the 100th birthday party for the United States in 1876, the image of Penn's Treaty appeared with patriotic enthusiasm. For the next century a heightened sense of history prompted many anniversary celebrations, each calling upon familiar pictures of past glories, such as the meetings between Native Americans and Penn.

Among the many international firms exhibiting products at the 1876 Centennial Fair in Philadelphia, the Bessbrook Power Loom Company sent an example of its work. The Irish firm, owned by Quakers, developed improved looms for creating intricate designs such as Penn's Treaty.

Philadelphia in 1702, 1875
F.J Wade (American)
Philadelphia in 1702, 1875
Lithograph with watercolor, 20 1/8 x 26
Gift of Mr. and Mrs. Meyer P. Potamkin

By 1876 Philadelphia had grown into a large metropolis, far greater in size than William Penn could have envisioned. Then again, Penn may have not recognized his "City of Brotherly Love" as depicted in this view of Philadelphia about 1702.