Thank you for attending our Homeschool Program. Please visit the links below and learn more about these Pennsylvania Women.

Bette Ford

UCLA – The Strachwitz Frontera Collection

Marie Claire article March 13, 2017

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette article September 27, 2007

Image: The State Museum Collection, 2007.53.18

Lucretia Mott

National Women’s History Museum

National Park Service

Image: Public Domain, Library of Congress

Jackie Ormes

JSTOR Daily – The Groundbreaking work of Jackie Ormes April 17, 2022

NPR – Comics Crusader: Remembering Jackie Ormes July 29, 2008

Image: Courtesy of Delores Towels & Tim Jackson 

Hannah Callowhill Penn

Philadelphia: The Great Experiment –Pennsbury Manor’s Doug Miller on Hannah Callowhill Penn

Explore PA History Historical Marker – Hannah Penn

Image: The State Museum Collection, 2014.33.1