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Virtual Learn at Lunchtime

January 26, 2021

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Connect with others and learn about our Commonwealth by joining The State Museum of Pennsylvania for our 2021 virtual Learn at Lunchtime programs every Friday at 12:15 pm.   Learn at Lunchtime features a variety of captivating presentations and live conversations with educators, curators, colleagues, and friends about various Pennsylvania topics.

The State Museum of Pennsylvania remains closed to the public. Sessions will be presented over Zoom and are free, but registration is required. Follow the link in the program title to sign up. Once registration is complete, attendees will receive an attendance link and password.

February 26 State Museum Perspectives Exploring Virtual Group Programs

Join Museum Director Beth Hager and our museum educators to find out more about our plans for virtual group programs coming up this spring.

March 5 Artists Conversations

In honor of Charter Day, Historian Jason Wilson of the Capitol Preservation Committee and Fine Arts Curator Amy Hammond will discuss Violet Oakley’s tribute to William Penn in The Founding of the State of Liberty Spirituala mural in the Governor’s Reception Room at the Pennsylvania State CapitolHerself a pacifist, Oakley was drawn to Penn’s approach to religious freedom and tolerance. Oakley carefully chose her theme to ensure that Penn’s principles of tolerance and justice would influence future Pennsylvanians.   

March 12 Adventures in Nature Lab Songbirds of Pennsylvania

What’s the sound? From warblers to chickadees, songbirds are often heard before they are seen. Join retired PA Game Commission Conservation Officer Scott Bills, as we talk about native songbirds of Pennsylvania and how you can create a safe and inviting habitat for them in your backyard.   

March 19 Curator’s Choice Deadly Contact: Europeans, Native Americans, and Pandemics

Across the North American continent, we know that millions of Native Americans died as a result of diseases introduced by the invading Europeans. Join The State Museum of Pennsylvania’s Senior Archaeology Curator, Dr. Kurt Carr, for a presentation about the pandemics which affected Native American populations in Pennsylvania and the surrounding regions.

March 26 State Museum Perspectives

State Museum Archaeologists chat with State Museum Director Beth Hager about exciting upcoming and past field excavations in southcentral Pennsylvania.

April 2 Artists Conversations

Artist and educator Tina Williams Brewer will discuss Yo Bloodline with Fine Arts Curator Amy Hammond.  Brewer uses vision, design and textiles to represent African American history and culture in this story quilt.   

April 9 Adventures in Nature Lab Vernal Ponds and the animals and plants that need them

April showers don’t just bring rain, they also produce vernal ponds! Join The State Museum’s Nature Educator Beth Erikson and Ryan Reed from the Department of Conservation & Natural Resources’ Bureau of Forestry for a talk about these seasonal ponds in Pennsylvania and the plants and animals that need them to survive.

Past Event Recordings –  Click the link in the title.

February 5 Artists Conversations

Join fine arts curator Amy Hammond and photographer Ron Tarver for a discussion of Vented Stream, a cityscape showing Callowhill Street in Philadelphia on a cold winter’s night. While Tarver dedicated decades to capturing Philadelphia’s people, he created Vented Steam during a time when his work focused on isolation and urban remoteness. 

February 12 Adventures in Nature Lab How Do Reptiles and Amphibians Survive During Winter in Pennsylvania?

When it gets cold outside, animals have to adapt to survive. Join The State Museum of Pennsylvania’s Senior Curator of Zoology and Botany, Dr. Walter Meshaka and Nature Educator Beth Erikson for a talk about  how Pennsylvania frogs and snakes survive during the winter season.

February 19 Curator’s Choice A Spirited Republic: Whiskey Distilling in Pennsylvania

In the 18th and early 19th century, many Central-Pennsylvania farmers distilled whiskey.  Join The State Museum of Pennsylvania’s Program Director, Bradley Smith, for a discussion about the prevalence of small farm distilleries and their importance to our region’s economy.