Virtual Program – The Ice Volcanoes of Erie

“Ice volcanoes” are delicate, ice and sediment features that resemble both basaltic spatter cone volcanoes and sand dunes. Ice volcanoes are created under very particular winter conditions (liquid lakes, strong wind, etc.), and are perhaps most notably seen on Lake Erie. Join Adam Ianno, geochemist for the Pennsylvania Geological Survey, on Friday, December 15 at 12:15 PM for a photographic tour of Presque Isle State Park to explore how and where these unique and temporary features form.

The program begins at 12:15 PM and will last approximately 20 minutes followed by a question-and-answer session.
Registration is required for this free, virtual Learn at Lunchtime program. Click here to register now. 
Adam Ianno has been the geochemist for the Pennsylvania Geological Survey for the past two years after an early career as an academic researcher, entrepreneur, and planetary science data consultant. His work at the Survey includes USGS-supported research into critical mineral exploration in Pennsylvania, a search for limestones to use as cement in historical building restoration, and geochemistry of samples across the state supporting mapping projects.