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Time to Tinker!

April 7, 2020

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Time to Tinker!

Looking for something to do that is creative? Try tinkering!

Step 1: Ask an adult where you can go hunting for tinkering items. Have them help you look. I went searching in my workshop!

Step 2: Try collecting a variety of items: wire, ribbon, string, and tape are all good for attaching things. You will need some tools. I only used scissors and wire cutters. I also used a pulley, a light socket & light bulb, nuts, and other oddities I found stowed away in various drawers…Then BE CREATIVE!

Step 3: Voila!!! I made my version of one of my favorite movie characters, Don Lockwood. He does a little singing and dancing! Can you guess the movie? Check it out…the actor who plays him is a famous Pennsylvanian! Can you make a version of your favorite movie character? Give it a try!