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This magnificent quilt was made by Rebecca Garretson Wickersham in 1854 as a memorial to her late husband. The center block of the quilt is inscribed “John Wickersham was born 24 Dec 1780 died 22 Feb 1853.” Signatures within the blocks are by family members and friends. The Wickershams were members of the Warrington Meeting of the Society of Friends. They resided in Newberry Township, York County. Each block is of a different design and individually signed. The quilting is done in the feather, petal, and wave patterns with twelve stitches per inch. The signatures are hand done. The style of this quilt shows the clear adaptation by its English maker of Pennsylvania German influences. This quilt is not just a memorial, but also a celebration of life with its vibrant red, yellow, blue and green colors on a white background.

Applique Album Quilt
Probably Rebecca Garretson Wickersham
Circa 1854
107" by 99"
Cat #65.78