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The Planetarium

June 1 through September 1

Planetarium shows and times are subject to change without prior notification.

Planetarium Large Group Reservations Information and Planetarium Show Library

Closed Caption and Assisted Listening Devices available for most shows upon request when purchasing tickets.

Who Am I?

Kindergarten to 2nd Grade
I have many names. I can be mysterious. People say I’m shy. Sometimes you can see me, sometimes you can’t. I always look right at you, but don’t always show my face. Most people just ignore me, but your life would be very different without me. I’m the Moon! Come learn all about me.
A Production of the Planetarium at The State Museum of Pennsylvania

Wednesday, Thursday, Friday – 11:00 AM
Saturday – 11:00 AM and 1:00 PM
Sunday – 1:00 PM

Apollo 11: Man's First Step Onto The Moon

Grade 4 and up
Experience one of the most momentous times in history. Discover the small steps and giant leaps made by the astronauts of Apollo 11 as they land on the Moon’s surface for the first time.
A Production of the Jenks Planetarium

Wednesday, Thursday, Friday – 1:00 PM
Saturday – 12:00 Noon and 2:00 PM
Sunday – 2:00 PM

The Planetarium


Price Admission Type
$3 + museum admission Ages 1 and up

Please note:

  • Tickets must be purchased at the ground floor information desk at least 5 minutes before showtime.
  • Member cards and complimentary passes must be presented at the ground floor information desk for a ticket to reserve your seat.
  • Planetarium shows start promptly, so please arrive on time. Doors will not be opened after the show has started and no ticket refunds will be given for missed shows.
  • The planetarium is not recommended for children age 3 and under.
  • Children 12 and under must be accompanied by an adult.