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An Image of Peace: The William Penn Treaty

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Sharing an Image of Peace

Broadside- William Penns's Treaty
Mary DiNella (American)
Mr. and Mrs. Meyer P. Potamkin 1990
Perkiomen High School Alumni Magazine
During troubled times for the nation, Meyer and Vivian Potamkin saw a message of peace in the image of Penn's Treaty. The compelling idea led them to acquire more than several hundred objects depicting this image. The gift of this extraordinary collection to the Commonwealth embodies William Penn's charge of social responsibility and preserves for all these images of peace.

Meyer and Vivian Potamkin began collecting art in the 1940s. Both the children of working families, the Potamkins aquired art which they found most pleasing. Today their large and important collection of American art includes works from the late nineteenth century to the present.

The encounter between different cultures often proves difficult. Although the idyllic image of Native Americans and Europeans meeting in friendship may contain more romance than reality, the image is one of promise. The search for harmony in society is a daily challenge. It remains for you to choose opportunities for peace.