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Levittown 50th Anniversary Committee
Levittown Regional Library
Library of Congress
Nassau County (NY) Museum
National Association of Home Builders
National Building Museum
Urban Archives, Temple University, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Bernard Amadio
Harry Andonian
Richard Baxter
Janice Weeks Bernath
Rose Bohdanowicz
Rita Calzarette
George and Jean Carmichael
Nancy Nemeth Clark
Irma Cohen
Jack Connolly
Andrew Gargus
Mindy, Abbey and Leonard Feinberg
John Fitch Elementary
Elizabeth and Donald George
Leon Gornicki
Paul Gouza
Robert Hedden
Sam and Terri Hellings
S. M. Hoban
Kathy Horwatt
Jerry Jonas
John Kabaci
Dr. Barbara Kelly, Long Island Studies Inst.
Tom Krawiec
Hal Lefcourt
Shirley Logue
Marilyn Lummis
Faye Manicke,Walt Disney Elementary
David Marable
Bob McCartney
Carol McDonough
Daisy Myers
Carolyn Per
Jean Purcell
Rich Pursell, Levittown American Athletic Assc.
Steve Reese
Jack Rosen
Janey Brown, St. Michael the Archangel Roman Catholic Church
Kathy Sandy
Robert Seger
Tom Sheridan
Philip Smythe
Sally and Jack Sondesky
Season Stoehr
Eileen McGinnis, Sullivan & Sullivan
Susan Taylor
Tullytown Metal and Iron Co.
Kathy Walter

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