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Virtual Learn at Lunchtime

January 26, 2021

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Connect with others and learn about our Commonwealth by joining The State Museum of Pennsylvania for our virtual Learn at Lunchtime programs. Virtual Learn at Lunchtime features a variety of captivating presentations and live conversations with educators, curators, colleagues, and friends about various Pennsylvania topics.

Sessions will be presented over Zoom and are free, but registration is required. Follow the link in the program title to sign up. Once registration is complete, attendees will receive an attendance link and password. 

Want to watch past programs? Visit PHMC’s YouTube channel to watch all of recorded sessions.

June 10 State Museum Perspectives

Join State Museum Director Beth Hager for a behind the scenes look at the new long-term exhibition opening June 17, “A Place for All:  Three Stories of Integration in Pennsylvania.”

June 24 Curator’s Choice: Archaeological discoveries as a result of Tropical Storm Agnes

As Pennsylvanian’s reflect on the 50th Anniversary of the destruction ensued from Tropical Storm Agnes, the State Museum’s archaeologists have been tracking the cultural resources impacted by this event. Raging water, mud, and debris stripped the landscape and revealed archaeological evidence of previous settlements, providing information for regions not previously documented. Subsequent flood control construction projects led to the discovery of additional evidence of activities of the peoples who once lived on these lands. Learn about the impact of Agnes on our cultural resources as we highlight some of the sites discovered through this series of events.

July 8 Honey Bees

Honey bees produce a variety of products that people use, including honey and beeswax, but it is their role as pollinators which makes them unique. Other insects, birds, and bats are also pollinators, but honey bee colonies are key when used for the pollination of agricultural crops since the large number of bees can be easily moved and placed as they are needed.
Join us as we talk to Dr. Robyn Underwood from the Penn State Cooperative Extension to learn more about the biology and behavior of honey bees.

Pennsylvania has 121 state parks ranging from 3-acres to 20,000-acres. Some are Conservation Areas while others are Environmental Education Centers. Some have overnight facilities that can hold over 1,000 people while others have a lone picnic pavilion. Some protect and preserve pieces of our nation’s history while others protect endangered species. Find out more about the day-to-day operations of this large and diverse park system and what is being planned for the future.

Join us as we talk to Chris Kemmerer from the Department of Conservation and Natural Resources to learn more about Pennsylvania’s State Parks.

Past Event Recordings –  Click the link in the title.


January 14 Adventures in Nature Lab: American eels in the Susquehanna River

January 28 Curator’s Choice An Unusual Discovery from the Delaware River: Chevaux-de-frise

February 11 Adventures in Nature Lab: Wildlife Photography and Filmmaking

February 25 Curator’s Choice Between Two Worlds: The Story of Mary Sharp Ward

March 11 Pennsylvania Charter Pennsylvania’s Birth Certificate: William Penn’s  1681 Charter

March 25 Adventures in Nature Lab: Freshwater Mussels 

April 8 Peregrine Falcon Recovery in PA

April 22 Curator’s Choice: Levittown at 70

May 13 Backyard Gardening for Food

May 20 Curator’s Choice: Paper Wasps in a Changing Urban World


February 5 Artists Conversations: Ron Tarver

February 12 Adventures in Nature Lab: How Do Reptiles and Amphibians Survive During Winter in Pennsylvania?

February 19Curator’s Choice A Spirited Republic: Whiskey Distilling in Pennsylvania

February 26 State Museum Perspectives: Exploring Virtual Group Programs

March 5 Artists Conversations: Violet Oakley’s William Penn Murals at the PA Capitol

March 12 Adventures in Nature Lab: Songbirds of Pennsylvania

March 19 Curator’s Choice Deadly Contact: Europeans, Native Americans, and Pandemics

March 26 State Museum Perspectives: Archaeology at Fort Hunter

April 2 Artists Conversations: Tina Williams Brewer

April 9 Adventures in Nature Lab: Vernal Ponds and the animals and plants that need them

April 16 Curator’s Choice Flyover Pennsylvania: T.M. Fowler’s Bird’s-Eye Views of Pennsylvania Cities and Towns, 1885-1905

April 23 State Museum Perspectives: PHMC’s Online Collections

April 30 Treasures from the Vault: Pennsylvania’s Last Mountain Lion

May 7 Artists Conversations: Conservation of Violet Oakley’s Drawings

May 14 Adventures in Nature Lab: Native PA Flowers for Your Garden

May 21 Curator’s Choice Highlights from Game Changers: PA Women who Made History

June 4 Artists Conversations: Marta Sanchez

June 11 Adventures in Nature Lab: Butterflies and Moths of Pennsylvania

June 18 Curator’s Choice: Pennsylvania’s Grand Review

June 25 State Museum Perspectives: Walks with Walter – Nature Outreach in the Community

July 2 Artists Conversations Fashioning a New Nation: Creating Identity through Clothing in Post-Revolutionary Portraits

July 9 Adventures in Nature Lab: Fishes of Susquehanna River

July 16Curator’s Choice: Artifact Legends from the State Museum

July 23 State Museum Perspectives: Volunteering at the State Museum

July 30 Treasures from the Vault: The Phenomenon of the Parachute Wedding Dress in World War II

August 6 Artists Conversations: Lauren Litwa

August 13 Adventures in Nature Lab: PA Turtles

August 20 Curator’s Choice Witness to History: Col. Paul Evanko’s 9/11 Field Notes

August 27 State Museum Perspectives Witness to History: WITF’s Tim Lambert, NPR’s Scott Detrow and 9/11

September 3 Artists Conversations Reflecting on COVID: Featuring Artists from Art of the State 2020

September 10 Adventures in Nature Lab: Black Bears in PA

September 17 Curator’s Choice: Extinct Birds of PA

September 24 State Museum Perspectives: Art of the State 2021

October 1 Artists Conversations Representing Asian American Identities: Featuring Hee Sook Kim and Sanh Tran from Art of the State

October 8 Adventures in Nature Lab: PA Deer Family

October 15 Curator’s Choice: Peopling the Americas

October 22 State Museum Perspectives: Community Archaeology

October 29 Treasures from the Vault: The Leroy Hopkins’ Ike Jacket

November 5 Artists Conversations Overcoming Physical Challenges While Creating: Featuring Passle Helminski, Heidi Hooper and Francine Renée Schneider from Art of the State

November 19 Adventures in Nature Lab PA Wild Dogs – wolves, coyote, and fox

December 3 Artists Conversations A Sense of Place: Featuring Painters Lauren Whearty and Kelly Kautz from Art of the State

December 10Adventures in Nature Lab: PA Owls