Student examining rock at The State Museum of PA
Classes, StoryTime and Gallery Tours

Participate in hands-on classes and gallery tours.

Classes, StoryTime and Gallery Tours


General Information

  • Duration: 45 minutes
  • Required: 1 adult must accompany student groups
  • Grade Level: 2nd through 6th
  • Classes align with National Common Core Standards.
  • Group admission and fees apply

Available Classes

  • Native Americans of Pennsylvania: The Late Woodland Lenape
    Examine the daily life of the Lenape Indians. Use of historic objects and reproductions in the program are fundamental to learning how the Native Americans in Pennsylvania lived and worked. Maximum Class Size: 40 people
  • William Penn: The Life and Times of Pennsylvania’s Founding Father
    Dive into the life of William Penn and the early settlers of Pennsylvania. This presentation engages students in an artifact and image enriched study of the life and times of William Penn. Maximum Class Size: 40 people
  • Rocks in our Daily Life
    See how humans have adapted and used rocks and minerals to enhance our environment. Explore examples of many of these rocks and see the surprising places we find them in our daily lives. Maximum Class Size: 25 people


General Information

  • Duration: 35 to 45 minutes
  • Required: 1 adult must accompany student groups
  • Maximum:  20 children, 4 adults per StoryTime
  • Grade Level: 3 yrs of age to 5 yrs of age
  • Note:
    • Only 2 Story Time lessons are scheduled per month. Please, book your visit early.
    • StoryTime is unavailable in April and May.
  • Each child receives an activity page to take home.
  • StoryTime aligns with Pennsylvania Learning Standards.
  • Group admission and fees apply

Available Fall 2017:

  • Time to Sleep by Denise Fleming (3 – 4 year olds)  
    Participants will be introduced to animals that hibernate in winter. Following the story, we sing about these animals and their hibernation homes using felt board props. Animal pelts are on display for a guided hands-on experience.
  • Forest Bright, Forest Night by Jennifer Ward (5 – 6 year olds) Participants will search for animals in this flip-book that teaches about day and night life in the forest. Following the story, we play a guessing game with animal body parts and have a hands-on experience with animal pelts to compare their textures.

Available Winter 2017:

  • Supertruck by Stephen Savage (3 – 4 year olds)  
    Participants enjoy the story of a little truck who becomes a superhero and saves the day in a big city hit by a colossal snowstorm. Following the story, we sing a song about city trucks and their jobs, using felt board props.  Our session ends with a visit to the Transportation Gallery to see and compare two “Supertrucks” in the museum.
  • In the Snow: Who’s Been Here? by Lindsay Barrett George (5 – 6 year olds)
    This lovely book by a Pennsylvania author/illustrator takes us to the winter woods to look for signs of animal life.  Clues in the woods encourage us to guess “Who’s Been Here?”.  Following the story, we play guessing games using animal body parts and animal pelts.

Gallery Tours

General Information

  • Duration: 45 minutes
  • Required: 1 adult must accompany student groups
  • Maximum: 25 people
  • Grade Level: 4th grade and up
  • Note: gallery tours are unavailable in April and May due to high volume visitation
  • Tours align with National Common Core Standards.
  • Group admission and fees apply
  • Archaeology and Anthropology
    Examine the basic principles of archaeology using the reconstructed dig site and explore the tools and objects of the Native Americans who lived here in Pennsylvania.
  • Life through Time
    Take a journey through billions of years and explore the formation of our planet, atmosphere, and climate and how these changes have impacted the adaptation and evolution of life on Earth.
  • Machines through Time
    Journey through time to see how man has adapted raw power and modern innovations to make work easier. Take a closer look at the history and impact of industry and technology in Pennsylvania.
  • Pennsylvania Icons
    Get an overview of the founding of our state and nation, landscape, industries, products, and people who make Pennsylvania unique.
  • Museum Highlights
    Put your sneakers on and be ready to explore! This tour will feature the major highlights found in the Museum galleries including everything from William Penn, The Battle of Pickett’s Charge, the Marshalls Creek Mastodon, and much more.