Student examining rock at The State Museum of PA
Group Guided Experiences and Virtual Learning

Participate in hands-on classes and gallery tours.

Group Guided Experiences and Virtual Learning

In-Person Group Guided Experiences

GRADE LEVEL: Grades 3 – 5
NUMBER OF PARTICIPANTS: 39 participants and chaperones, 1 teacher required
FEE: $75 Plus Museum Admission
** Program also available virtually. Ask Reservationist for details.

Pennsylvania Habitats: Art and Nature in Mammal Hall **
All living things have basic needs for survival. By observing, comparing, and contrasting the habitats depicted in the Mammal Hall dioramas, you will explore the basic needs for survival depicted in each diorama and discover how change, both natural and manmade, can affect the environment.

Pennsylvania History: The Objects Tell the Story
Primary and secondary objects and documents are valuable resources, many tell the story of Pennsylvania. Hear the stories of the objects on display on the First Floor at The State Museum of Pennsylvania. Working in small groups, students will examine hands-on objects to discover the object’s story.

Pennsylvania’s Industrial Towns: T. M. Fowler Birds-Eye Views **
Explore Pennsylvania’s Industries of the turn of the 19th century and its most dramatic development. Identify the human characteristics of place and region as we compare contemporary Fowler’s birds-eye views of Pennsylvania’s towns and cities with objects from the Transportation and Industry Gallery.

Physical Geography of Pennsylvania
Studying Pennsylvania’s physiographic regions, landforms, and waterways, will provide an understanding of how Pennsylvania’s topography has shaped the state. Participants will compete in a series of fun, geographical challenges. The lesson is designed for students who have a basic understanding of the tools of geography and how to use them.

Skulls and What they Tell
Adaptations help animals to survive by adjusting to changes in their environment. By observing, comparing, and contrasting the skulls of various mammals found in Pennsylvania,  you will explore the physical adaptations that help animals to survive, identify the mammal, predict what it eats, and discover its role in the food chain.

Museum Highlights Tour
Explore the Museum’s most impactful exhibition pieces in this whirlwind tour. Pennsylvania is the only state named for both its people and the place, “Penn’s Woods”. Discover how this relationship of people and place shows throughout the history, art, and science of the Commonwealth. This tour is designed for visitors Grade 5 and up and provides an opportunity to answer visitors questions, and discuss exhibits on a deeper level.

In-Person Group Storytime

GRADE LEVEL: Ages 2 – Grade PK
NUMBER OF PARTICIPANTS: 39 participants and chaperones, 1 teacher required
FEE: $75 Plus Museum Admission

ART  by Patrick McDonnell
Artists create art using specific elements. Explore the element of line with the reading of ART by Patrick McDonnell followed by a guided drawing activity to create your own artwork and have creative time for independent color application.

Henri’s Scissors by Jeanette Winter
Henri-Emile Matisse was an artist who was best known for his paintings. When a serious illness confined him to a wheelchair, he began exploring color and shapes through paper cut-outs. Explore more about Matisse’s life through this biography and have time to “paint with scissors” and create a collage with cut-out shapes.

Virtual Resources 

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