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Explore! Wednesday Activities & Virtual Learning

June 18, 2020

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You may not be able to visit us at  The State Museum of Pennsylvania right now,  so we are bringing Pennsylvania to you.   Each Wednesday this summer we will feature a different  Pennsylvania  State symbol.   Find out about its selection and connection to Pennsylvania.  Watch, explore and send us your questions.

July 1      State Animal: White-tailed Deer    

White-tailed Deer are found throughout the state of Pennsylvania and are part of Pennsylvania’s history. Their white tail is a familiar sight in our forests.  Find out more about the White-tailed Deer and its selection as the official state animal of Pennsylvania. 
 How to Make a Pipe Cleaner Deer PDF Document

July 8          State Flower: Mountain Laurel   

The selection of the state flower of Pennsylvania was not a smooth process. Not everyone agreed on the choice of this evergreen shrub.  Find out more about the Mountain Laurel, its selection as the official state flower of Pennsylvania.
Make a Mountain Laurel Catapult PDF Document

July 15          Pennsylvania State Flag 

Did you ever wonder what the images on the Pennsylvania flag represent or what is the meaning behind the choice of the color blue?  Find out more about the design of the official state flag of Pennsylvania.


Design Your Own Flag PDF Document

July 22      State Fish: Brook Trout                                 

The only trout native of Pennsylvania waters, the Brook Trout is sought after by anglers and is an important indicator of stream health.  Find out more about this freshwater fish and its selection as the official state fish of Pennsylvania.  Design Your Own Brook Trout PDF Document

July 29        State Drink: Milk    

Did you know that Pennsylvania has more family operated dairy farms than any other state? A wide variety of dairy products are produced around the state. Find out more about milk and its selection as the official state drink of Pennsylvania.

August 5        State Game Bird: Ruffed Grouse    

Ruffed Grouse have lived in Pennsylvania since before European settlement.  Hiding in forest undergrowth, these birds have a musical style of communication. Find out more about the Ruffed Grouse and its selection as the official state game bird of Pennsylvania.

August 12         State Firearm: Long Rifle  

A simple adaptation revolutionized this weapon used for hunting and defense.  Find out more about the Pennsylvania Long Rifle, its controversial name, history and selection as the official state firearm of Pennsylvania.

August 19        State Insect: Firefly  

The bright green light of the firefly often fills the summer night sky in Pennsylvania. Communicating with other fireflies, people enjoy watching the flashing of their signals. Find out more about this bioluminescent beetle and its selection as the official state insect of Pennsylvania.

August 26        State Aircraft: Piper Cub  

Considered the Model T of the air, this lightweight, affordable plane was built in Lock Haven and an important part of Pennsylvania’s transportation industry. Find out more about Piper Cub and its selection as the official state aircraft of Pennsylvania.

Test Your Knowledge of Symbols Never Made It Crossword PDF Document