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Art of the State 2014 Exhibit

Art of the State

1st Floor

June 22 to September 14, 2014

The annual Art of the State exhibition showcases the talent, creativity and diversity of Pennsylvania’s established and emerging artists. First, second and third-place honors are awarded in painting, photography, sculpture, craft and works on paper. Art of the State is co-presented by Jump Street.

Stories from the Home Front: Pennsylvania in the Civil War

Stories from the Home Front: Pennsylvania in the Civil War

1st Floor

This interactive exhibit explores major themes about Pennsylvania’s roll in the Civil War. Through stereoscopic photographs, original compositions of Civil War-era music and sound effects, interactive maps, hands-on objects and animated storytelling, the exhibit conveys accounts of the many ways Pennsylvania’s men, women, children and communities experienced the Civil War – both on the battlefield and the home front.

Art and Barriers

DOSHI Gallery

1st Floor

While the Susquehanna Art Museum External Link (SAM) prepares to open a new building in midtown Harrisburg, The State Museum is lending space for SAM’s popular DŌSHI Gallery that features special art exhibitions showcasing many artists from south central Pennsylvania. Art & Barriers External Link is a new exhibit that pays homage to all artists who daily break through limitations of any kind. The exhibit runs from July 20 to December 7, 2014 with an opening reception on July 27.

A Fondness for Birds: Pennsylvania’s Alexander Wilson

A Fondness for Birds: Pennsylvania's Alexander Wilson

3rd Floor

This exhibit features bird prints and first edition volumes of the 200-year-old “American Ornithology” series by Alexander Wilson. The State Library of Pennsylvania has loaned the Commonwealth’s original and recently conserved set of “American Ornithology” volumes for the exhibit. Also featured are bird specimens from the museum’s Botany and Zoology collections, some of which date to the late 19th century.