Changing Exhibits
Restoring Mammal Hall: A 50th Anniversary Profile

3rd Floor

The Museum included Mammal Hall in the architectural plans in 1965. It took a team of curators, artists, and preparators, 3 years to complete, which opened in June 1968. As the 50th anniversary of Mammal Hall approached, it was clear that the dioramas needed—and deserved—more than a cleaning. This exhibit explores the science and art behind the 3 year restoration project.

Pennsylvania at War: The Saga of the USS Pennsylvania

1st Floor

The State Museum launches a look into the USS Pennsylvania, flagship of the U.S. Navy which was damaged during the bombing of Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941.  Including a 6-foot ship model, the centerpiece from the ship’s silver service, uniforms, and personal effects of crew members, the display commemorates the ship’s incredible witness to history.

Mural: Violet Oakley, General George Washington and the Troops of the Revolution, c. 1917, Mural in Senate Chamber of Pennsylvania State Capitol Mural image courtesy of Pennsylvania Capitol Preservation Committee; Drawing, Collection of The State Museum of Pennsylvania, PHMC.
Picturing a More Perfect Union: Violet Oakley’s Mural Studies for the Pennsylvania Senate Chamber, 1911-1919

1st Floor

The new exhibit will feature more than 50 of Violet Oakley’s original sketches for the Pennsylvania State Capitol Senate Chamber murals from the collections of The State Museum of Pennsylvania. The exhibit will run November 22, 2019 – April 26, 2020.